Sampling Process Questions

Sampling processes of UNICATEX are as below.


This is the first sample sewn for you. Available fabric/trims might be used regardless the color. 


It will be sewn according to the comments of initial one

3rd sample:

It will be sewed if there is a need such as major changes. We will proceed to pre-production stage once everything in wise of fit and details approved.


After getting all approvals on pre-production sample, we are going on with production

Can we get samples ?

A) Ready samples:

Depending on availability, sample can be sent at your cost. In some cases, just to show you the technic, available sample can be sent, too. Such as screen printing, embroidery, foils, high density, custom labels, custom hang tags etc.. In most cases we have something very close to your desired product.

B) Custom ones: If a custom-made (bespoke) sample is requested before order placement, for sure that will be made with sampling cost. It is determined by complexity of  request and charged either as a deposit or a non-returnable fee in some cases. If that's charged as a deposit, custom sampling fee will be reduced as soon as the order placed.