Do you have shipping service?

Of course, we have. You can have goods on FOB or CIF basis. Our advise is to make shipment CIF. Since we would be the sender, that would be more economic for you. But if you ask FOB, or course that's possible. But in that wise, do not skip to make sure about insurance of the garments.

Which countries do you ship?

We work all over the world and as much as the locations that international couriers/forwarders go, we can ship. Pls see below the types of shipment methods we can handle for you.

1-Express Couriers,   (1-10 boxes)

We can ship through UPS, TNT, DHL with our special prices. The goods will arrive to your location. You can also track them on internet.

Europe: 1-3 working days

USA: 2-5 working days

Insurance: Included

2- Via air  (5 to 20 boxes)

For heavier volume weight of 60 kgs, we advise to make shipment via air. In that case, goods will arrive to nearest airport of your location. If you ask them to reach your door, that could be costly. Our advise is to organize airport to door transport internally from your side, always that is cheaper.

Europe: 1 working day.

USA: 2-3 working days.

3- By truck (partially or more): (20 or more boxes)

That would be the cheapest option for this load of weight.They deliver to your door, we can make shipment by pallette or without it, that's your prefer. Just ask us how you want the goods. If do not have much idea about transportation, just rely us on, for sure we will do best and cheapest option for you.

For orders more than 20 boxes or 200 kgs, it's the cheapest way to receive your goods with this service. Plus, it's door delivery. Loading type of this service is pallets. Check our pallet size below:

Europe: 7-10  days.

USA: no truck shipment

We can organize multiple trucks for bigger shipments.

4- By vessel (sea transport)

For Canada, USA, Australia and Far East, sea shipment is the most economical one. But that is taking time and mostly the location of arrival is far away from harbors which creates extra and costly local transportation fees.

 Transportation can vary between 15 to 45 days. Vessel movement date is important and also the lead time of production.

We prefer to ship small q'tie via air with longer transit times but with cheaper options of planes for those overseas countries.


P.S: Above transit times shown only for guidance. Pls contact us for a certain shipping cost always. 

P.S: If you have a special agreement with any courier or forwarder, for sure we will be contacting them for you.